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Quick Vehicle Unlock and Key Retrieval in Edmonton

Are you locked out of your car? I understand it can be frustrating to be stranded in a parking lot or have a child or pet stuck in your car. Having a professional mechanic and automotive locksmith at your service can save you a lot of stress. When you call me, you won’t be locked out of your car for long. I have helped many people get back into their vehicles, and I can help you too. JV Automotive Key Programming and Diagnostics provides vehicle unlock services in Edmonton. As an experienced mechanic and automotive locksmith, I can help you out in different lockout situations. 

Open-up Services

I offer automotive mobile locksmith services to open up the following:

Car keys stuck in cars



Tractor-trailers and semi-trailers

I also provide specialty tractor-trailers (semi-truck) open-up service if you have locked yourself out of your vehicle for most brands at additional charges.

I Service Most Brands

I can offer open-ups for vehicles of the following automotive brands:

A Smart Alternative to Towing

Don’t waste hours waiting to get back in your car in a lockout situation when I’m here to open it up.

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