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About JV Automotive Key Programming and Diagnostics

JV Automotive Key Programming and Diagnostics is a mechanical and mobile automotive locksmith service. I, John, the owner and operator, provide the people of Edmonton and surrounding areas with a wide range of automotive locksmith services. As a mobile automotive locksmith service, I provide the added convenience of coming out to my customers’ locations.


With time, manufacturers are making it more difficult to program vehicles due to security purposes. I believe automotive locksmith services, including key programming, should not be performed by everyone. It should be left to the professionals to perform these complex jobs. Unqualified people who claim that they can program your vehicle or keys can cause severe damages to the programming, which may result in a major loss for you. As a qualified technician and automotive locksmith, I have over 33 years of experience in repairs, programming and dealership training, along with being up to date with technology. By working at dealerships as an electrical technician, I have gained extensive knowledge and training in automotive electrical diagnostic services and minor mechanical repairs. 


At JV Automotive Key Programming and Diagnostics, I save you both money as well as the frustration of dealing with car dealerships and costly towing fees. Whether you are stuck in the middle of the road or your car key needs replacement or repairs, you can call JV Automotive Key Programming and Diagnostics. I will be happy to help you. I am available over a phone call and email as well. Feel free to contact me when you are facing trouble with your car key.

Potential Risk of Having a Non-qualified Person Perform the Service

If you require automotive locksmith services, it is always recommended to rely on a qualified journeyman trained by professionals who are doing it day in and day out continuously. Without possessing the proper training, they can damage your vehicle and also hurt themselves. 


Here are two examples of the issues associated with unqualified people trying to program and repair motor vehicles. When dealing with airbag systems and advanced electronics, these are the things that can happen:

Removing or repairing ignition cylinders

In some cases, in order to complete the ignition repairs, you may have to remove the steering wheel where the airbag is located in the centre of it. In order to remove steering column covers to access the ignition cylinder, two screws are located in front of the steering column cover.


If the airbag component is not handled correctly, you are facing the risk of causing it to activate.


Safety protocols should be followed when dealing with airbag systems, and they should only be handled by trained and qualified professionals. Not doing so can result in injury and cause damage to your vehicle.

Programming and diagnostics 

When unqualified people are issuing a diagnostic and are trying to reprogram your vehicle, if they make a mistake or have the wrong diagnostics, you can risk having your vehicle BCM or PCM completely damaged and rendered ineffective. This will result in extensive and costly repairs and parts replacement. 

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